"My Torment" (Multiple Sclerosis)

Paralyzed with this weight

I am doomed by unwanted fate

Of such a disease I hate

For reasons you cannot debate…


Life as I have known it

Leaves me here to sit

Yearning for some wit

But my mind has been hit…


It has been much too long

Once weak and then strong

What have I done wrong

Again, I want to belong…


Make this just go astray

Please don’t let it stay

I want to wake up one day

And this has all gone away…


Seems my prayers You do not hear

Are You really there,

Do You even care,

The torment that I bear?


When will Your time be right?

To help me win this fight

To free me from my plight

Otherwise I just might!


I’ll just make it all go

And free my heart and soul

Of the love that You just stole

Because I am no longer whole!


The time is drawing near

It is the end that I fear


Where are You, why aren’t You here!


Please God, Save Me!!!




Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Attack, page 11, Poem page 12