There are no choices
Left to be had
This is the way I am now
It leaves me bitterly sad…


For the life I once had
Is gone forever it seems
This is no longer a dream
But God’s chosen scheme…


How do I contend
With battles I’ll face ahead
Knowing I’ll never mend
To learn and live instead…


I’m afraid of this dread
Churning inside my soul
Where a piece of me is dead
Because I’m no longer whole…


"What is my goal?"
I ask God above
What do I need to do
To prove my love to You…


I know my heart is true
Please Jesus I ask of You
Come save this aimless soul
And heal my body through…


There’s nothing more I can do
So on my knees I’ll pray to You
That You save this hopeless soul
And again make me whole…




Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Patches, page 23, Poem page 24