It’s all happening so fast
That I can no longer see
The edge of the forest
Where I can run and be free…


This disease that is here
Consuming my identity
Doesn’t care why it’s here
Or that it’s my worst enemy…


One step ahead
Draws me two steps back
This truth I dread
Is an ugly fact…


How do I go on living
This struggle every day
When I know You’re not giving
The help I need as I pray…


It’s too far ahead to see
And my mind is racing fast
As this disease devours me
I wonder how long it will last…


I can’t take this any longer
And I want You to know
I’m getting weaker not stronger
And it’s beginning to show…


Where are You now
When I need You the most
To help me somehow
Get rid of this ghost…


I’m so angry today
The tears refuse to flow
I don’t know what to say
I’m on overload…

Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Patches, page 23, Poem page 24