Hurting and scornful
With a sneering glow
Disgusted by my life
And no where to go…


I hate who I am
And what I have become
That tears no longer flow
My feelings are all numb…


This dreaded disease
Taking full control
Brings me to my knees
As it grasps my helpless soul…


I pray to God in heaven
A continuous plea
I look to the sky above
But my soul continues to bleed…


I always feel the anger
And am dreadful of today
Damning my life
Because I’m not okay…


What will it take
To see my life through
If God refuses to help me
What else will I do?


I can’t keep up watching
As my body fades away
Discouraged by the future
Even as I pray…


So, what happens now
It’s all up to You
Will You help me dear Lord
Help me make it through?


Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Rage, page 27, Poem page 28