"Empty Now"

This emptiness hides
Deep inside my soul
It’s what I hold
Now leaving me cold…


I can’t explain it
I wouldn’t even try
The feelings inside
Bring a tear to my eye…


Too difficult to explain
Who I am today
Pain leaves me searching
For my yesterday…


All my truth
Is unclear to see
Rattling around my head
And blinding me…


No more asking why
I don’t really care
Because even as I pray
My prayers You don’t hear…


Have I lost all faith?
In my heart so deep
To the One I believe
The only truth I keep?


There are no answers
To me that are known
There are no signs left
To lead me home…


I just feel so alone…


Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Inner Toil, page 35, Poem page 36