"My Destiny"

Tearing through my mind
MS clearly is not kind
And my body aches, so
Will it go, I just don’t know?


This sad and bleak display
Of always feeling this way
And now my soul is lost
MS results at such cost…


This is such a big mistake
How much longer will it take?
Please God don’t just let this be
My final chosen destiny…


For all the prayers I pray
Still the pain won’t go away
A new relapse takes its toll
Another step back I now must go…


Eight months later I sit and cry
Don’t want MS, I’d rather die
What good am I to sit home?
To help no one I grieve alone…


Is my faith in God enough?
This battle alone is far too tough
I can no longer rid my pain
Please God help me live again…


Dear Lord, do You hear me now?
Please rescue me somehow
Oh, God make this go away
Please hear me this I pray…
Please God hear me as I pray…

Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: What Remains, page 39, Poem page 40