"Battle to Freedom"

Incessant fatigue
Brings me to my knees
Every day and night
This struggle is my fight…


I feel it just won’t go
As stress begins to show
I am at my final end
With no idea how to mend…


I was so viable before
But MS took that for sure
It’s been well over two years
Still living with these fears…


I’m angry and sad
This life I am had
I shout and I scream
Is this a bad dream…


I can never go back
The before which I lack
No feelings of glee
Now my soul bleeds…


If I could turn back time
To a life that once was mine
I’d be different you’d see
I’d be free to be the old me…



Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Battle to Freedom, page 43, Poem page 44