"Get Out!"

To live with this disease

My mind has no ease

I’m turning inside out

I can only scream and shout…


Get Out!

Leave me be!

Let me go on!

With strength to be strong…


Get out now!

Leave my body somehow

Turn back time

To when I was in my prime…


Get out, now go

I just wanted you to know

Please God give a sign

To my life be kind…


Just get the hell away

There’s nothing more I can say

Because my prayers have ceased

Living with this disease…


No longer free to be

I finally see

I can no longer be alone

Or even on my own…


What a price to pay

When I no longer pray

Because He didn’t hear

I wonder if He ever cared…


Now I am junk

Left in this body of funk

Just because of this disease

I no longer live with ease…


Get out!



Copyright © 2008 Carolyn A. Legg
Painting: Melt Down, page 15, Poem page 16